A majestic encounter

Making our way up the west coast of North Island, were stopped over at the Three Sisters and the Elephant Rock. The Three Sisters are these large limestone formations on the black sand beach. The beaches on the west coast are all filled with black sand due to volcanic activities. This was my first time encountering black sand beaches so it was particularly fascinating for me.

The stopover to the Three Sisters was a rather spontaneous one. The name itself reminded me of Australia and the Three Sisters rocks at the Blue Mountains. We stopped by right before the high tide in the evening. At first, we tried to avoid getting our toes wet, but we eventually just went all in. It was an amazing view with the ocean in the backdrop where and the wet glistering water on the black sand creating a beautiful mirage of the Three Sisters and surrounding rock formations. If you look into the horizon long enough, it gives you a very relaxing feeling like you just wanted to be pulled in by the waves into the sea of unknown.

Three Sisters

You know it when you spot the Elephant Rock because it really looks like an elephant! There were a few formations that shared similar resemblance, but the actual rock has a clearly defined trunk and body of an elephant.

Unfortunately, I have come to known that a part of the Elephant Rock formation has collapsed due to erosion in the early December. I am grateful to be able to witness this before it was gone. The beautiful and colorful formations of the sand and rocks kept me in awe during the whole exploration. This was truly something unique and that I have not experience in my previous travels. Perhaps it was also the timing of when we went with the sun gradually descending; the lights were blinding yet majestic at the same time.


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