Great Ocean Road

No visit to Victoria is considered complete without going through the Great Ocean Road (GOR). The scenic coastal drive through along the Great Ocean Road is a popular tourist attraction. The Great Ocean Road the world’s largest war memorial in remembrance of the soldiers who fought in World War I. I heard mixed reviews about this road trip. Some backpackers say this coastal drive would not seem special if you go after exploring other parts of Australia. It’s typically a 2 to 3 day drive for those who want to thoroughly explore all the key sites along the Great Ocean Road, but day tours to visit the key places is also an option (which I opted in for since people that I had originally planned to do the GOR with got into a minor car accident). This is definitely a worthwhile visit even if you have went on other scenic excursions in Australia.

One of the key stops to make along the drive is to the Twelve Apostles – these massive limestones formed along the coastline. However, only eight apostles still remain since it was discovered. Better visit before nature takes them away! Despite all the beautiful scenery I have seen in this country, the Twelve Apostles was the most majesty. I arrived when the sun was about to set and the sky was misty creating a serene and mystic backdrop at the Twelve Apostles.

A new friend that I made at Kennett River

Prior to reaching the Twelve Apostles, one of the stops we made were to Kennett River –  a quiet town with a population under the three digits. Despite the scarce population, I made some new friends there while we were bird feeding. With a hand full of seeds, you are instantly any bird’s best friend. Birds were flying everywhere and lands on your head, arms, and shoulders. There was one that hung out on my shoulder for a good ten minutes and would not fly away. I was a bit concerned that they might have uncontrolled bowel movement after getting fed.


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