Maggie’s Series of Unfortunate Events

With all the traveling I’ve done in the past few years, one would assume this trip would be going smoothly. On the contrary, I have been plagued with little misfortunes throughout my journey across Australia. Big or small, they are dynamic contributions to my overall experience in Oz. At some point, I was actually convinced that I would never make it back home because the bad luck seems to get worse each time. The ongoing bad encounters had held me back from pursuing a more adventurous journey. Perhaps the extra precautions I have taken had saved my ass more than I have realized. Many of the sticky situations could have been much worse and sometimes something positive come out of these encounters.

Here goes the series of Maggie’s unfortunate events:

  • 8/2 – Obnoxious toddler fidgeting next to me on the flight to Melbourne
  • 7/31 – Cloudy and windy weather for skydiving
  • 7/29 – A quarter of the crown of my inner right tooth chipped off on my bus ride to Townsville!
  • 7/21-22- Rained during major sight visits on Fraser Island
  • 7/20 – No toilet, no shower at camp surprise
  • 7.19 – Bed bugs at backpacker scare
  • 7/16 – Poured on our way to see sunset at Laguna lookout
  • 7/14 – Fraser Island tour got pushed back
  • 7/10 – Awkward confrontation/TMI
  • 7/4-7 – Sleep deprivation
  • 6/25 – Dropped laptop from top bunk bed
  • 6/23 – Bad haircut
  • 6/20 – Tiger Air flight to Sydney canceled; cold restless night at the airport
  • 6/16 – Caused a bleeding toe from tripping over a rock in the dark campsite
  • 6/14 – Dry skin caused finger to bleed right before jumping in the water to swim with whale sharks
  • 6/11 – Single float as air bed broken
  • 6/10 – Stormy weather blew our tents away
  • 6/9 – Kangaroo car collision while driving in the evening
  • 6/8 – Sealion tour unavailable due to unfavorable weather conditions
  • 5/28-30 – False hope from phone stealer – English asshole!
  • 5/28 – Lost then stolen Galaxy S3!
  • 5/26 – Useless doctor consultation; $50
  • 5/24 – Disturbing masturbating roommate confusion
  • 5/23-26 – Rosacea triggered facial rashes

Hopefully, the list doesn’t get longer. They’re brief descriptions of what happened; if you want the back story to any particular one, PM me!


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