Australian Lingo

Australian English and American English differ not just in accent, but also in word choice and slang. Here are some of the differences I observed:


Australians tend to shorten a lot of words or add “ie” to the end of them. It makes a lot things sound a lot more cutesy! 

  • Oz: Australia
  • Aussie: Australian
  • Brekkie: Breakfast
  • Sunnies: Sunglasses
  • Brissie: Brisbane
  • Freo: Fremantle
  • Maccas: McDonalds
  • Barbie: Barbeque
  • Footy: Australian football
  • Woolies: Woolsworth (supermarket chain)
  • Uni: University
  • Goon: Boxed wine

Different word usage

  • Tomato sauce: ketchup
  • Thongs: flip flops
  • Capsicum: bell peppers
  • Petro: gas
  • Power point: power outlet
  • Car park: parking lot
  • Cutlery: eating utensils
  • Prawn: shrimp
  • Bottle shop: liquor store
  • Chemist: pharmacy
  • Torch: flashlight

Commonly used words

  • Mate
  • Dodgy
  • Keen
  • Heaps
  • No drama
  • Reckon
  • Massive

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