Living Sydney – Week 1

It’s been a week since I’ve been back in Sydney. I decided to move to Eva’s Backpacker in King’s Cross because I felt like I’m also dwelling in Sydney’s CBD. I’m very happy with my decision to change environments. Despite hearing how King’s Cross is dodgy and potentially dangerous, I like it here. Eva’s Backpacker has a more relaxed atmosphere than Wake Up and travelers who stay here are also more laid back. Even though I had spent 10 days in Sydney before, I still kept my days busy and explored other parts of the city throughout the week.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the remaining time I have in Australia. I like having the flexibility to do whatever and experiencing the ambiguity of not knowing. For example after checking into Eva’s Backpacker, I decided to accompany my new roommate on a ship hunting mission as she was trying to find a job as a crew member on a boat. We didn’t succeed in finding this particular black and white vessel she was looking for, but we had a good time casually walking around Woolloomooloo, the Botanic Garden, Circular Quay, the Rocks, and around George Street.

When I was under the impression that my bad luck has passed, another costly accident came my way. I dropped my laptop from the top bunk. Surprisingly, my laptop still works, but a quarter of the screen is smashed and the computer shuts off every half an hour or so. It was my first night at Eva’s and I thought, ‘Oh my god, my roommates probably hate me now since it made such a loud thump.’ As horrible it is to have a half broken laptop, I took it with a grain of salt since it’s a problem that money can solve. I’m feeling poor since the west coast road trip and this laptop incident only increased my financial burden. I thought about finding a cash in hand job, but I decided against it in the end. I’d be working when I return to the U.S. so this is my last chance to relax. Besides, I do not think my CV is fitting to apply for a low-skilled job such as a dishwasher or passing out flyers. I’ve done enough blue collar jobs in the past to say I’m not interested in such working experiences. As I originally planned, I’m just going to rely on credit card loans on my 1 year APR-free card that I just signed up for before this trip.

Feeling like a part of the community

I spent most of this week reconnecting with people I’d met before leaving for Western Australia. It really makes me feel like I’m living like a local who would casually meet up with friends and just hang out. I really felt that sense of belonging when I had a movie night at my friend’s house. We sat by the fireplace with two dogs snuggling next to us, watching That Awkward Moment starring Zac Efron while enjoying champagne, smoked salmon, chocolate, and chips. It was such a perfect evening where friends just met up to enjoy a relaxing evening.

Blue Mountains 6/28 

This weekend, I went on a day trip to the Blue Mountains exploring the Katoomba region. The Blue Mountains is just to the west of Sydney. It’s a nearby nature getaway locals and visitors like to see for a quick break from the urban city life. I heard nice things about the Blue Mountains since my first days in Sydney back in May. At the same time, I was told that the landscape doesn’t compare to the rest of Australia. It may have lost it’s charm for me since I’m visiting after seeing the west coast. It was a last minute decision to go on a day trip so why not.

Three Sisters
Three Sisters

We got off the Katoomba station and booked a hop on hop off tram that took us around this part of the Blue Mountains. We hiked around the forest and followed the ever so confusing road signs. The national park had very ambiguous signs that didn’t help us get to the next destination. Of course when signs fail, plan B is to just wander. Some of the key highlights from this visit include the Gorge Falls, Leura Cascade, and the iconic Three Sisters. We had to cut our trip short because it started to rain around 3PM. Visiting the Blue Mountains at the end of June is the most ideal because it gets windy and chilly at the mountains. Since I have seen other Australian landscapes, I would not say the Blue Mountains is a must-see. If you only have time to visit Sydney and would like to see some scenic areas in Australia as well, then the Blue Mountains would be an obvious choice.


It’s a little too much to go into detail of all the places I’ve visited this week, but if you’re interested in knowing more about the places, let me know! This is just a list of some of the new places I’ve explored in Sydney this week that I haven’t mentioned:

  • Kings Cross/ Potts Point
  • Parramatta
  • Fish Market
  • Newtown
  • Bondi Junction
  • State Library of New South Whales
  • Harbour Bridge Cahill walk
  • North Sydney
  • Blue Point Reserve
  • Ranswick
State Library of NSW
State Library of NSW
View from the Harbour Bridge
View from the Harbour Bridge
Taken in Blue Point Reserve, North Sydney
Taken in Blue Point Reserve, North Sydney
Seafood from the fish market
Seafood from the fish market

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