Perth is the largest city in Western Australia, but by no means does largest actually suggest that this is a blooming metropolitan city. Western Australia is much more barren than the east coast. To me, Perth is like a small city. I didn’t think I’d actually visit Perth before coming here. This is my first visit outside of Sydney and right before the start of my 2 week road trip with an itinerary that I’m not very clear with since all the different names of towns and national parks my travelmates intend to visit is a bit overwhelming to take in at once in addition to the cultural differences I’m experiencing in Australia.

Night view of Perth at the foreshore
Night view of Perth at the foreshore

We found a couchsurfer to host us for 3 days in Perth. I thought it was a ridiculous amount of trust our host has with us or in people in general because he never really asked about my background and he readily left his key by his doorstep for me to get access to his house since he wouldn’t be home when we arrive. I can never imagine leaving my key behind to a stranger to come into my home without at least first meeting them in person. Of course, I am thankful for the considerate gesture. Perth itself doesn’t have many attraction points since it’s just like any other city really. Most of the people we asked for places to visit all just point us to King’s Park. We spent minimal time in Perth’s CBD and spent most of our first day at King’s Park. We went for a nice walk around the different suggested walking trails. The following day, another local took us around to the different beaches around Perth. There are couple of small quiet beaches really close to each other. I suppose they’re rather empty now since it’s “winter” aka anything below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. I enjoyed my first sunset in Australia at the beach. Actually, I think it’s the first sunset I saw from a beach.

First sunset in WA

We spent our last full day at Rottnest Island. The ferry ride to the island is a bit expensive, but the experience proved to be worth the purchase. Rottnest Island is the home to the world’s happiest (looking) animals, quokkas. Quokkas look like they are smiling all the time. They actually look like a crossover of a kangaroo and a possum, in other words, huge smiling rats. We rented bikes for the day to go around the island. I guess I can say I know how to bike, but I don’t know how to control it properly nor do I know how to stop on demand. We biked around the 23 km long island over 6 hours under the blazing sun. For the very unathletic me,  I consider it an accomplishment for making to through even though the boys had to stop and wait for me to catch up many times during the day. I felt bad, but at the same time I didn’t have a proper breakfast, no lunch, and shortage of water. We spent some time at an empty beach on Rottnest. I think it’s amazing how we can really have a whole beach to ourselves here. It’s such a big difference compared to what we have access to in the States. Imagine an empty Coney Island; oh wait, you can’t. It would take an apocalypse to have Coney Island vacant… or Hurricane Sandy. I was starved by the end of the day, I struggled to eat afterwards.

Look at that quokka!
Rottnest Island

After a strenuous exploration of Rottnest, we have to prepare for our road trip happening the next day!


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