Plague of Bad Luck

I spontaneously decided to follow these travelmates that I randomly found on Couchsurfing to go on a 2.5 week road trip with along the west coast. I got a little lazy with finding a nonprofit organization to volunteer with, haha.  Apparently, backpackers here generally stick to the coastal areas of Australia and travel along the coast and make their way to Alice Springs to get to Uluru in the outback at some point as well. Hopefully, I did not just agree to follow a bunch of sick psychos on a road trip who will get me killed. I am worried because of my skin condition, inability to swim, and the swarm of back luck I’ve been experiencing. I am quite convinced I will die or something catastrophic will happen to me in Australia; no, I am seriously convinced that something really terrible will happen to me based on what happened so far. I am scared, but I am not coming all this way and not make the most out of my experience!

Since landing in Sydney, my rosacea symptoms have been acting up again with these huge face rashes. I look diseased. It gets worse when I’m hot or in the sun. This is a terrible first impression to give to me roommates and other people I’m meeting along the way. I felt like hiding from others since I don’t want them to think that I have some sort of contagious skin disease. I decided to stop taking the doxycycline my dermatologist prescribed since it makes my skin sensitive to the sun and burn extremely easily. Instead, I took some allergy medicine since I feel like I am potentially allergic to the new doxy for some reason. After a week, the rashes lightened, but a still decided to visit a doctor to see if they have any better suggestions. It was a waste of $50 for that less than 10 minute consultation with a doctor who pretty much repeated back what I’ve told her. Why must I be plagued with this terrible skin problem? D:

Checking into a 10 bedroom mixed dorm at Wake Up hostel, I was told it was a rare case that there was a total of 4 Americans in the room. I already notice a strong presence of french backpackers in Sydney and they’re generally not the most fluent English bunch. My first night at Wake Up was surely an unforgettable one. Only briefly meeting my 8 roommates at different instances on the first day, I barely recognized how any of them looked like. By the time I returned to my room the first night, the lights were off and a number of them had gone to bed. In the middle of the night around 4AM or so I heard someone knocking at our door, but no one else was awaken by the knocking. After a few minutes of persistent knocking, I decided to open the door to see who it was. When I opened the door, this man who’s face I don’t recognized walked in and I think he said, “Thank you Maggie” and tried to sleep on a bed, but it turns out someone was already on that bed. I thought, “Oh my god, did I just let in a stranger in the room?!” I was not sure if he did say my name and thanked me since he mumbled it. A short while later I heard some weird moaning noises that sounded like someone was pleasuring himself. “What if I let in a creeper or potential rapist or a robber into our dorm room? What should I do?” I pondered in fear. I decided the best way is to come clean and go downstairs and inform the security of what happened. The reception sent a security guard with me to inspect the room as if it was just a casual inspection. The guy was able to identify where he was and the room number of the dorm so the security left him alone and just exited. The moaning sound continued periodically throughout the night. “Can someone really masturbate for 5 hours?” I asked myself. It really sounded like someone fapping with the moaning and groaning and the sigh of relief. I couldn’t sleep at all and felt extremely disturbed by the whole incident. The following evening I saw the guy in the room and he actually approached me to apologize for making a lot of noise last night and explained that he pulled his shoulder muscle and it was aching the entire night. Right… I also found out he was illegally staying in the room because he was sleeping on the 1 unoccupied bed in the room so that was why he did not have the room key to get into the room last night. Maybe a mixed dorm is not the optimal choice.

Okay just to make this week worse, I lost my phone! It was weird how the timing all worked out. Initially, I dropped my phone on concrete and cracked the screen around the front camera area. I was thinking about getting the screen replaced or just waiting it out until I get a new phone next years. The next thing you know, the phone gets stolen a few days later. It’s almost like the perfect excuse for me to get a replacement for my damaged phone. So what happened was that my friend and I were sitting on the street night while waiting for our other friends to catch up to us. I suspect my phone fell out of my back pocket while I was sitting on the floor and this english man saw it on the floor and picked it up. When I realized my phone was missing, I immediately called it and this man answered. He claims he’s from England does not know his way around Sydney. The calls keeps getting cut off throughout the past 2 days I’ve been trying to reach this person. My phone has a security app that takes a photo when someone tries to unlock my phone incorrectly 5 times in a row. Just my luck since I cracked the screen earlier, the pictures came out blurry. I reported the lost phone incident to the police and they said I have no proof that it’s stolen and they can only record that my phone is lost and would notify me if someone finds it. I was so mad at how unhelpful they were in this situation, I couldn’t help but burst into tears after everything that had gone wrong so far. It was embarrassing to have my roommates see me cry, but I was just stressed over my rashes and all the little hiccups along the way that losing my phone just pulled the trigger. The guy who has my phone even tried to trick me into teaching him how to unlock my phone so he can ‘use the GPS function on my phone to get to my hostel’. Right. I eventually lost hope in ever getting it back. Really, I just want my SD memory card which contains all my photos back. Have the cracked screen phone, just give me my memory card! I spent the next few days looking for a replacement on Gumtree (like Craigslist) and sorting things out. I bought a used Samsung Galaxy S4 so I have that to work with.

So… hopefully, I don’t get bit by a poisonous creature or drown on my west coast journey. Perhaps, I should be more cautious and maybe even hold back on some of the activities we may be participating in. Hope I survive!


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