En route to Australia

I cannot believe this will be my 4th abroad adventure in 3 years. As amazing as it may sound, traveling is mentally, physically, and financially draining. Visiting so many different cities in such a short amount of time can be overwhelming. After awhile, everything becomes a blur. Sometimes I ask myself if I have approached this the wrong way; I don’t feel that I am getting as much out of these experiences as I would like. Am I doing things so quickly, I don’t even have time to digest?

This is will be my first time going on an extended travel on my own without the support of an educational or corporate organization. People have been asking me what I’ll be doing in Australia and my reply would always be, “I don’t know.” The truth is, I really have nothing on my itinerary other than extending my layover in Hong Kong before coming back. No, I am not brave. I am just as scared as you think you would be in my position. I do have one mission for this trip: to live in the present.

It’s been my dream to visit Australia since 3rd grade where my teacher focused a lot of Australian themed stories. My teacher even bought us vegemite for us to sample. Even in my memory, it tasted gross. Maybe it’s an acquired taste I’ll learn to love… although that never happened to me for licorice. I can finally see the kangaroos, koalas, and dingos I read about years ago!

This is perhaps my most tightly budgeted trip I’ve ever planned (or not planned). For those who wonder where all my funds come from for my trips, the answer is simple: I work. I prioritize traveling over a lot of other things I can spend money on. Don’t be jealous of my traveling opportunities. My taekwondo instructor always said, “The one who wants to win the fight the most always wins.” The same principle applies for other situations in life. In this case, I’d say that if you want it enough, you’d be hopping on a plane too.


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