Halloween at Tivoli

My friend invited me to follow her kollegium, Danish-styled dorms, on  a trip to Tivoli. It is my first time visiting Tivoli, Copenhagen’s famous amusement park situated right around the heart of the city. Tivoli opens and closes at different times of the year and reopens to a different theme each season. I was able to get in for free this time  with the International kollegium, otherwise I would have had to pay 99DKK for the entrance fee. You have to pay for rides separately. Expensive.

_MG_3749 _MG_3814 _MG_3851

After going through the turnstile at the ticket booth, you are immediately welcomed with the Halloween decor. Ironically, Halloween isn’t popularly celebrated in Denmark, but they do take the time to set up the Halloween theme at Tivoli. In February, the Danes have a carnival called Fastelavn where children dress up similar to Halloween. Not many Danish children go trick or treating here since not enough households participate in candy-giving  on Halloween. My host parents told me they regard it as a “new holiday”.

The Danish version of roller coasters seems to be more toned down compared to  American roller coasters. I cannot say I am particularly impressed with the hyped up amusement park. Tivoli gives off a different vibe than what Six Flags would give me. When I think of Six Flags, I would think of roller coasters and everything else is insignificant. Tivoli has a more carnival feel that is more welcoming for family leisure engagements.

I didn’t end up going on any rides since it was quite expensive. Actually, my friends and I spent most of our time trying on hats and masks. The only thing I ended up purchasing was the flæskesteg sandwich, the Danish version of roast pork, is considered to be one of Denmark’s principal national dishes[1].

It smelled amazing and tasted pretty good. It reminded me of the Chinese version of roast pork.



I am curious how Tivoli would look like for Christmas assuming the decor would be completely different.



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