Eastern Europe Reflection

I spent my first travel break visiting Eastern European countries. My original plan for travel sake this semester was to explore all of Scandinavia, Baltic seas, and Eastern Europe. Perhaps, this would be the only part of the Eastern Europe plan that will come through. Studying abroad in one of the highest standard of living city, I really looked forward to this trip to more affordable cities. The prices surely did not disappoint although I would not call them dirt cheap.

Eastern European cities, like Scandinavia, are relatively underrated travel destinations in comparison to Western Europe. Sure, it’s not the metropolitan iconic cities like London and Paris, but these cities gives you a very different European experience. At the end of the trip, we asked each other which was our favorite city (to hypothetically live in). Being used to living in a huge city, I cannot imagine living in Prague. Although we only stayed in the central area, I felt that the city was extremely small especially since I could have easily see all the main attractions in two days. It’s a beautiful city with the old European feel that I think I can better appreciate if it’s not something I get access to daily. There was noticeably a lot more older tourists in these Eastern European cities and particularly in Budapest. Budapest is a lot more spread out than Prague and the prices are slightly lower. Walking along the promenade at night is beautiful and perhaps, the most memorable part of the trip. I can see myself enjoying frequent walks along the river. However, I don’t think the city has enough attractions for me to want to stay there long term. Vienna is the most modern and busiest of the three. I can see myself living there mainly because it’s like any other city. I didn’t realize that it’s ranked the world’s most livable city until after the trip. I’m not sure what elements make it so, but I wouldn’t mind staying there for a bit longer to find out why.

When I think of…

   Prague, fairy tale, Charles bridge, and Czech dumplings 

Budapest, the promenade, affordable living, and Hungarian food

Vienna, opera, Mozart, and Schnitzel

comes to mind.

Yes, food is always on my mind.


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