First Weekend Day Trip to Malmö

I spent my first weekend (day trip) to Sweden’s supposedly 3rd largest city, Malmö. I say supposedly because it’s an awfully small city. By no means do I intend to give it a negative connotation; I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to this once upon a Danish territory city. It was a last minute decision to go with some friends. It was only a half an hour train ride from Copenhagen station to the Malmö station.

I was extremely delighted to set foot in Sweden, the country where my beloved city, Stockholm (shh!), is situated. I’m not sure if it was because the weather was perfect  that day or if the city is actually really beautiful. I really like the calm cozy vibe this city gives off. To my surprise, I did not find as many blonde hair blue eyes in Sweden (if you can consider the city completely Swedish). I wonder if the city’s national identity is a sensitive topic to locals in Malmö or not. I regret not stopping to interview a local to gain some perspective.

One major difference I did notice between Malmö and Copenhagen is the lack of national flags waving everywhere. I assumed that the Swedes would have a similar practice of hanging the national flag everywhere like the Danes. The Swedish kroner is worth slightly less than the Danish kroner so the prices were a tad bit cheaper. It was hard trying to find snacks that I cannot find in Copenhagen in Malmö.

Although the castle was relatively disappointing, the Torso Tower was worth seeing. It’s the tallest building in all of Scandinavia!

_MG_0604   _MG_0565


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