100th Birthday of Little Mermaid Statue

IMG_8800Today is the kid’s birthday. The little mermaid is the iconic statue of Copenhagen. Unfortunately, I was unable to figure out the story behind the mermaid at the festival celebration. It is also known as the ‘kid’s birthday’. The festivities started from the afternoon to nighttime.

I was quite surprised that it wasn’t very crowded in Langelinie. I think most of the people who joined in the celebration were not actually Danes. I was assured by my host family that the statue did not serve much of a significance to them; it mainly serves as a tourist attraction.

The area was gorgeous. I think being by harbors or calm bodies of water is very relaxing. The sun was up and the water was glistering. I wish the nice weather will last longer because I definitely would want to come back to visit.


In the afternoon, 100 ‘mermaids’ jumped off the boat as part of the celebration. I assumed the water was quite cold. Several of the mermaids were not able to make it to the platform alone and needed to be rescued. In the water, they formed a ‘100’ to symbolize the 100th year of the little mermaid.


It was more crowded at night, so were were barely able to see to dance. Afterwards, they led out fireworks as the closing act. It’s been so long since I’ve seen fireworks since I do not normally in participate in such environment polluting events.

IMG_8719  IMG_8726  IMG_8825  IMG_8835  IMG_8837  _MG_8734


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