Touring Copenhagen

Today, I participated in DIS’s version of Amazing Race. It’s really wasn’t a competition, more of an opportunity to explore some of the attractions in Copenhagen.

Destination #1: Christiansborg Castle Square – Danish Parliament

Unfortunately, due to construction, I was unable to capture a nice photo of the parliament. This is the equestrian statue that stands right outside the square.

Destination #2 : The Royal Library aka The Black Diamond

This is Denmark’s national library. One side of the library is surrounded with a nice garden with an old Europe touch. The other part of the library is of modern decor facing the beautiful harbor.

IMG_8612 _MG_8622 _MG_8616

Destination #3 : Nyhavn Harbor

We took the harbor bus to Nyhavn. I saw the opera house across the water; I must visit one of these days!

IMG_8629 IMG_8648 IMG_8653

Destination #4 : Amalienborg – The Royal Palace

Since the flag on the queen’s house was up, it meant she was home at the time of our visit!


Destination #5 : Frederikskirke – Marble Church

IMG_8672 IMG_8674 IMG_8683

Destination #6 : Rosenberg

IMG_8690  IMG_8701

New Danish foods I tried today:

Flødebolle – a chocolate covered, beaten-egg white glucose and sugar treat which reminded me of Mallomars minus the graham cracker

_MG_8594  _MG_8595

Antons Hyldeblomst – a typical Danissh juice drink


Danish hotdog – the hotdog actually sticks a third outside of the bun

DSC04855 DSC04856


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