First Day of DIS Orientation

I took my train today by myself to the Tivoli Hotel for the DIS orientation since no one else lives near my host family. Unlike the MTA, the trains here are extremely quiet. Arriving at the hotel, I was overwhelmed by the number of students participating in the program. There are roughly 1,200 students studying through DIS this semester; truly a big contrast to the SUHK program of less than 50 students that I was in.

I'll be back in Nyhavn when the weather is better (hopefully) for a better photo!
I’ll be back in Nyhavn when the weather is better (hopefully) for a better photo!

We toured around the DIS buildings afterwards around the Vestergade Street area. All 1,200 invaded the streets at once like a crowded college town. People who live in kollegiums traveled in packs like freshman year, haha. Though the opportunities to get acquainted to college Danes would be minimal, I hope I can try to live like a local as much as possible.

Took my first tour around the city center after orientation was over. The DIS buildings are very close to Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping area, Strøget. Everything seems to be beyond my budget. I’ve noticed a lot of ice cream shops and hot dog stands around. I must try one day for the experience! Afterwards, we wandered to Nyhavn, the famous waterfront canal that you associate with when you think of Copenhagen.

Three new things I’ve learned about Denmark:

  • Popcorn – a game you play on the trampoline where one person sits in fetal position while the other jumps up and down until the one sitting can’t hold their arms together anymore
  • Paid to go to college? – Whaaat? I knew that European universities are free for their citizens, but I am amazed that Danes actually get paid to attend college.
  • Open prison – this concept is still bizarre to me. It sounds like an option to live in a free cheap motel. Those who committed low crimes are sent to open prisons where they can freely work and do whatever during the day. At night, the person must report to the prison and stay there while still given free wifi access and electronics to keep them entertainment,
My first purchase in Copenhagen is a KitKat ice cream cone and coconut water for 40 DKK.

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