Pre-Departure to Copenhagen

1 day left before my next abroad adventure. I figure I should setup this blog to document my experience. I really regret not keeping a thorough record of my study abroad days in Hong Kong last Spring. It’s hard to keep the entries going sometimes as procrastination always gets the best of me.

Since this will be my third cultural exploration, you’d think the psychological preparation process should be a lot smoother. Surprisingly, it’s quite the opposite. I’ve been keeping myself awake with this impending fear of going abroad again, leaving home again, giving goodbyes again, worrying about fitting in again, and the vexatious packing that must be done AGAIN.  My decision to study through the DIS program was more of a spontaneous one. After returning from Hong Kong, I was left unsatisfied feeling robbed of the cultural shocks and language challenges exchange students would experience studying abroad. I believe that this feeling of fear, confusion, and foreignness are key components to the full study abroad experience. College is probably the only window when I can arrange to spend a substantial amount time in a foreign country with a purpose. Many envy the travel experiences I have lined up, but please don’t call it luck. I find it greatly offensive to have people tell me that I’m lucky to be able to do all these travels. You can too, you just have to work for it and be willing to give up certain things. To make this second study abroad possible, I had to continue taking maximal credits of 22 each semester while working part time and fulfilling my honors and business capstones before my departure. Leaving Fall semester of senior year also puts me at a disadvantage for scoring full time offers so I must ensure job security over the summer. I’ve been feeling guilty for not putting in more effort to research about my new home for the next few months. Reflecting back on this, I suddenly feel better because I realized that I have actually been preparing since last September.  With all the stress, planning, and opportunities given up to leave the country is an earned experienced. It’s a decision I made with many trade offs that I hope would be worthwhile in the end.

Denmark — a country with the national language that reminds me of the pastry, what are you? Please fill my ignorance with wonderful memories in the beautiful city of Copenhagen.


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